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Monday, March 19, 2018
Glorifying God by Changing Lives for Christ

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Pastor David Campbell


Once again, our country has experienced another school shooting.  It happened in January here in Kentucky and again in February down in Florida.  Precious lives gone.  The knee-jerk reaction is to pass more laws to try to make it more difficult for this to happen again. It certainly is hard to argue against when the people making those demands have just lost their son or daughter or classmate.  “If only that person had not had the ability to get a gun, then this would not have happened.”  Well, maybe so.  I just wish that people were as much concerned and just as passionate about the number of people that are killed or injured by drivers who are texting.  People’s sons and daughters and classmates are dying everyday due to texting while driving.  Please put the phone down.  Make it inoperable while driving.  Perhaps we should pass a law that people under 21 cannot own a cellphone.  You say, “Don’t be ridiculous.”  Something needs to be done.  If, as some suggest, it is a wise thing to make it illegal for a person under the age of 21 to own a firearm as a solution to school shootings, then it seems to me that it would be far wiser to make it illegal for a person under the age of 21 to own a cellphone as a solution to accidents caused by drivers while texting.  Last year there were 15 people killed in school related shootings.  Already this year there are 20 deaths.  One is too many.  But think of the thousands of people who are killed on our highways by distracted drivers who are texting.  More people are killed and injured in one week by distracted drivers than are killed and injured by school shootings in a year or more.  I have read of anywhere from over 3000 to over 4000 deaths occur annually by distracted drivers.  Don’t you think that comparatively speaking, texting while driving is a greater issue.  It may not be as dramatic an issue on the TV screen.  It doesn’t have the drama and tension as things are unfolding before a watching nation, but certainly, more lives are lost.  They are just lost one or two at a time.  We have become accepting of auto accident.  Someone is texting.  “That’s terrible!”  But it doesn’t make the national news.  Yet far more lives are lost every day due to texting while driving.  I am not advocating that we take away your cellphone.  But wouldn’t you agree with me that as Christians, we should put away our phones while driving?  Turn them off or somehow make them unresponsive while driving.  Our full attention needs to be on the road.  If you love your neighbor, please do not text while driving. God be with you, 
Dave Campbell







that whoever believes in him

should not perish but have eternal life.