Buck Grove Baptist Church
Sunday, April 21, 2019
Glorifying God by Changing Lives for Christ

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Pastor David Campbell



  Sunday, September 9, is Grandparents Day. I hope you will make an effort to attend this service. What a blessing grandparents are to our lives. Growing up it was always exciting to visit grandma and grandpa. We lived in southern Alabama. My mom’s parents lived in Kentucky and my dad’s parents lived in Muncie, Indiana. It was I believe back in those days a twelvehour trip just to get to the grandparents that lived in Kentucky. But it was always worth the trip. I hope you too have fond memories of your grandparents. This service on the 9th will be an opportunity to invite friends to church. Perhaps your grandparents don’t live nearby, why not invite someone to be your adopted grandparent for the day? Of course, those of us who are old enough to be grandparents can do the reverse. If we do not have any grandchildren that will be present, we can adopt some for the occasion. Let’s all make this an occasion to invite folks to church even it we are not adopting. Let us honor the Lord on this day by showing our gratitude for the blessings he has given us through the older generation who have enriched our lives with examples of wisdom, patience, and grit.
See you Sunday,

Pastor Dave