Buck Grove Baptist Church
Sunday, April 21, 2019
Glorifying God by Changing Lives for Christ

About Us

On September 4, 1857, delegates from five churches of Salem Baptist Association met near Buck Grove for the purpose of organizing a church. The churches sending delegates were Forks of Otter Creek, Otter Creek, New Salem, Hill Grove, and Rudes creek. The church was constituted with eight members who presented their letters and themselves to be constituted into the church. The eight charter members were: Davis Buchannan and wife, Lucretia; Thomas E. Jenkins and wife America; Merit Sweeney and wife Polly; John Armstrong and wife Margaret. None of these were landowners. Their articles of faith were read and adopted, whereupon the committee proceeded to pronounce them organized as a New Testament church by giving them the right hand of fellowship followed by prayer.
The first place of worship was in a small building located on the south side of Buck Grove Hill. This was the place of worship until the year 1871. At this time, the present location was selected and a building erected.
Much has happened since those early days, but it is the hope and prayer of Buck Grove Baptist Church to continue what was begun and carry on the work of glorifying God by changing lives for Christ until He returns and gathers together all believers around the throne of God.